• 2SC5200 - 230V 1.5A NPN Power Amplifier Transistor


2SC5200 NPN Transistor with 1.5V Base and 15V Collector Current is type of bipolar transistors consisting of a layer of P-doped semiconductor (base) between two N-doped layers. A small current entering the base is amplified to produce a large collector and emitter current.

They are Used in Mobile Phones, Industrial Control, Television and Flip-flops, High Frequency Application Such as Radio Frequency Audio Circuit.


• High Fidelity Audio Frequency Amplifier Output.

• Low Harmonic Distortion, Large Current Capability and High Transition Frequency.

• Use in 100W High Fidelity Audio Amplifier’s Output Stage.


  • Type:                 NPN Triple Diffused
  • Material:           Silicon
  • Voltage:            230V(CE and CB), 5V (EB), 1.5V Base, 15V Collector
  • No. of Pins:       3 Pins
  • Mounting:         Through Hole


2SC5200 Transistor Datasheet 

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2SC5200 - 230V 1.5A NPN Power Amplifier Transistor

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