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Seeed Studio Boards & Modules

Seeed Studio Boards and Modules

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Air602 WiFi Development Board

The Air602 WiFi Development Board is based on the Air602 Wi-Fi module and an integrated USB interfac..

HM-BT4502 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Pass-through Module

HM-BT4502 is a wireless data pass-through module based on CMT4502 Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 chip. By ..

LED Night light For FPV Indoor and Outdoor Racing Drones

It is a 12V 1.5 W Aluminium Alloy LED night Light Direction Indicator, Which emits light when activa..

SeeedStudio Base Shield V2 for Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno is the most popular Arduino board so far, however, it is sometimes frustrating when your..

Seeedstudio ESP-01M ESP8285 Wi-Fi SoC Module

ESP-01M can be widely used on various occasions for networking, home automation, industrial wireless..

SeeedStudio Grove - Round Force Sensor Module (FSR402)

The Grove-Round Force Sensor(FSR402) is a force-sensitive module. At the end of the sensor, there is..

SeeedStudio Grove 1 kg Electromagnet Module

An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by electric current. An..

SeeedStudio Grove 3 Axis Digital Accelerometer Module

Need a gesture detection device? So we have the Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(1.5g) v1.3 espec..

SeeedStudio Grove 4 Channel SPDT Relay Module

The Single Pole Double Throw SPDT relay is quite useful in certain applications because it has one c..

SeeedStudio Grove Branch Cable 20cm

Searching for branch cables? We have the Grove Branch Cable 20cm especially for you. Grove Cables a..

SeeedStudio Grove Button Module

Do you need a special push button to use as a digital input? So for you, we are presenting the Grove..

SeeedStudio Grove Capacitive Moisture Sensor Module (Corrosion Resistant)

The Grove Capacitive Moisture Sensor Module (Corrosion Resistant) is a soil moisture sensor based o..

SeeedStudio Grove Chainable RGB LED v2.0 Module

How wonderful will it look when we light up numerous colorful LEDs together? Of course, Fantastic! W..

SeeedStudio Grove Flame Sensor Module

Need a device for detecting fire? We have brought the Grove Flame Sensor v1.1 especially for you. I..

SeeedStudio Grove Hall Sensor (GD) Module

Want to measure Hall Effect? We have the Grove Hall Sensor v1.0 for it. Its a Grove compatible and ..

SeeedStudio Grove I2C Motor Driver Module (L298P)

Grove I2C Motor Driver Module (L298P) is a common-use motor driver for stepping motor and servo mot..

SeeedStudio Grove I2C Motor Driver Module (TB6612FNG)

The Grove I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) can drive two DC motors up to 12V/1.2A or drive one stepper ..

SeeedStudio Grove Infrared Emitter Module

Want to communicate via infrared technology? We have Seeed Studios Grove Infrared Emitter v1.2 espe..

SeeedStudio Grove Infrared Receiver Module

Want to communicate via infrared technology? We have Seeed Studios Grove Infrared Receiver (IR) v1...

SeeedStudio Grove Line Finder v1.1 Module

Are you working on a line following robot project? So you must be looking for a line finder? Since m..

SeeedStudio Grove Magnetic Switch Module

Have you ever thought of controlling a circuit based on proximity? What if we bring a special module..

SeeedStudio Grove Red LED Module

Are you searching for LEDs with adjustable brightness as well as adjustable orientation? Then, Grove..

SeeedStudio Grove Switch (P) Module

The Grove Switch (P) is a mini Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT) slide switching device. But, what d..

SeeedStudio Grove Temperature Humidity Pressure and Gas Sensor Module

The SeeedStudio Grove Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Gas Sensor(BME680) Module is no..

SeeedStudio Grove Thumb Joystick Module

Do you need a module as similar as a joystick? So, we are presenting the Grove Thumb Joystick v1.1,..

Showing 1 to 25 of 115 (5 Pages)