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Seeed Studio Boards & Modules

Seeed Studio Boards & Modules

Seeed Studio Boards and Modules

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Air602 WiFi Development Board

The Air602 WiFi Development Board is based on the Air602 Wi-Fi module and an integrated USB interfac..

Grove I2C High Accuracy Temperature Sensor Module (MCP9808)

The Grove I2C High Accuracy Temperature Sensor Module (MCP9808) is a high accuracy digital module b..

HM-BT4502 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Pass-through Module

HM-BT4502 is a wireless data pass-through module based on CMT4502 Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 chip. By ..

LED Night light For FPV Indoor and Outdoor Racing Drones

It is a 12V 1.5 W Aluminium Alloy LED night Light Direction Indicator, Which emits light when activa..

MU VISION SENSOR 3 – AI Robot Vision Camera Supported by Arduino & Micro: Bit

The MU vision sensor is developed independently by Morpx to meet the needs of the STEM education mar..

Official Arduino Sensor Kit

Official Arduino Sensor Kit is a joint production between the Arduino and Seeed, which has a dual tr..

ReadytoSky 2-6S 5V/3A and 12V/3A Switchable UBEC

This is a 2-6S 5V/3A and 12V/3A Switchable UBEC from ReadytoSky. The module is designed with an adva..

Seeed SoM STM32MP157C Integrate Cortex-A7 plus Cortex-M4

The Seeed SoM STM32MP157C Integrate Cortex-A7 plus Cortex-M4 is an SoM of ODYSSEY STM32MP157C, bas..

Seeed Studio 1.28-inch Round Touch Display for XIAO

Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO is an extension boardwith a capacitive touch screen and is compa..

Seeed Studio 24GHz mmWave Sensor Human Static Presence Module Lite human presence, FMCW, Configurable Underlying Parameter, Arduino support, Home Assistant, ESPHome

24GHz mmWave Sensor Human Static Presence Module Lite is an antenna-integrated, high-sensitivity wa..

Seeed Studio Grove -Smart Air Quality Sensor-SGP41,MOX gas sensor for VOCs & NOx, Air Purifier, Smart Ventilation

This is a digital gas sensor that uses Sensirions SGP41 with advanced CMOSens technology to measure ..

Seeed Studio Grove 16 x 2 LCD (Black on Red)

Grove 16 x 2 LCD is a perfect I2C LCD display for Arduino and Raspberry Pi with high contrast and e..

Seeed Studio Grove AC-Voltage Sensor

Grove AC Voltage Sensor is perfect for measuring RMS AC voltages for accurate DIY energy meters. It ..

Seeed Studio Grove Air Quality Sensor(BME688) with built-in AI, High-Performance 4-in-1, Gas, Humidity, Pressure and Temperature sensor

Are you searching for a temperature sensor having high accuracy? Then, the Grove Temperature Sensor ..

Seeed Studio Grove for Scratch

Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows various Grove modules to be controlled from Scra..

Seeed Studio Grove ORP Sensor Kit Pro (HR-O) IP68

Grove ORP Sensor Kit (HR-O) aims to measure the cleanliness of the water and its ability to break d..

Seeed Studio Grove Oxygen Sensor(ME2-O2-20)

Grove Oxygen Sensor(ME2-O2-20) is a kind of analog gas sensor to test the oxygen concentration in a..

Seeed Studio Grove Smart IR Gesture Sensor, infrared camera sensor, AI algorithm, over 15 gestures detection, I2C, SPI, support Grove, XIAO, Type-C connecting, 3.3V/5V

Grove Smart IR Gesture Sensor is an intelligent gesture recognition module equipped with a PAG7646J1..

Seeed Studio Grove UART WizFi360

Grove UART WizFi360 is based on Wiznets wizfi360 Wi-Fi module, which is a cost-effective WiFi module..

Seeed Studio Grove Ultrasonic Sensor (US5) ToF, distance detection, echo energy intensity value, materials distinguished, 1.6cm in diameter, 1.2cm in height

The Grove Ultrasonic Sensor (US5) incorporates the UltrasonicTime-of-Flight (ToF) principle. Calcula..

Seeed Studio Grove Vision AI Module with Himax HX6537-A processor, thumb-size AI-powered OV2640 camera sensor, support Yolo V5 and Edge Impulse

Grove Vision AI Module Sensor is a thumb-sized AI camera with pre-installed ML algorithms for face r..

Seeed Studio Lipo Rider Plus (Charger/Booster) 5V/2.4A USB Type C

The Lipo Rider Plus from Seeed is not only a Fast Charger but also a Strong PowerBoost, supports up ..

Seeed Studio LiPo Rider Pro

Power your favorite electronic kit with green energy! TheLiPo Rider Pro is an enhancement of theLiPo..

Seeed studio re_computer case: BeagleBone and Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

The re_computer case is specially designed for the re_computer system. It is more than just aestheti..

Seeed Studio Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit, built-in Semtech LR1110 and Nordic nRF52840

The Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit is an all-in-one solution for developing low-power, long-range IoTpositioning..

Showing 1 to 25 of 155 (7 Pages)