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12V 1A - (12-0-12) Transformer

12V 1A  Transformer..

Rs.147.50 Rs.159.30 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00

12V 2A Transformer

12V 2A  Transformer..

Rs.383.50 Rs.413.00 Ex Tax: Rs.325.00

12V 3A Transformer

12V 3A Transformer..

Rs.379.96 Rs.442.50 Ex Tax: Rs.322.00

12V 500 mA Transformer

12V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.70.80 Rs.94.40 Ex Tax: Rs.60.00

12V 5A Transformer

12V 5A Transformer..

Rs.466.10 Rs.525.10 Ex Tax: Rs.395.00

15V 500 mA Transformer

15V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.96.76 Rs.110.92 Ex Tax: Rs.82.00

18V 500 mA Transformer

18V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.76.70 Rs.94.40 Ex Tax: Rs.65.00

24V 1A Transformer

24V 1A Transformer..

Rs.510.94 Rs.572.30 Ex Tax: Rs.433.00

6V 1A Transformer

6V 1A  Transformer..

Rs.141.60 Ex Tax: Rs.120.00

6V 500 mA Transformer

6V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.76.70 Ex Tax: Rs.65.00

9V 1A Transformer

9V 1A Transformer..

Rs.141.60 Rs.182.90 Ex Tax: Rs.120.00

9V 500 mA Transformer

9V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.64.90 Rs.76.70 Ex Tax: Rs.55.00

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