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12V 1A - (12-0-12) Transformer

12V 1A  Transformer..

Rs.125.00 Rs.135.00

12V 2A Transformer

12V 2A  Transformer..

Rs.325.00 Rs.350.00

12V 3A Transformer

12V 3A Transformer..

Rs.322.00 Rs.375.00

12V 500 mA Transformer

12V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.60.00 Rs.80.00

12V 5A Transformer

12V 5A Transformer..

Rs.395.00 Rs.445.00

15V 500 mA Transformer

15V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.82.00 Rs.94.00

18V 500 mA Transformer

18V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.65.00 Rs.80.00

24V 1A Transformer

24V 1A Transformer..

Rs.433.00 Rs.485.00

6V 1A Transformer

6V 1A  Transformer..

Rs.97.00 Rs.115.00

6V 500 mA Transformer

6V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.55.00 Rs.65.00

9V 1A Transformer

9V 1A Transformer..

Rs.120.00 Rs.155.00

9V 500 mA Transformer

9V 500 mA Transformer..

Rs.55.00 Rs.65.00

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