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8038 Function Generator IC

The 8038 waveform generator is a monolithic integrated circuit capable of producing high accuracy si..

A7840 IC - Isolation Amplifier IC

The 8038 waveform generator is a monolithic integrated circuit capable of producing high accuracy si..

AD584 IC - High Precision Voltage Reference IC

The AD584 is an 8-terminal precision voltage reference offering pin programmable selection of four p..

Rs.385.00 Rs.435.00
AD586 IC - High Precision 5V Reference IC

The AD586 represents a major advance in state-of-the-art monolithic voltage references. Using a prop..

Rs.385.00 Rs.435.00
AD595 IC - Thermocouple Amplifier IC

The AD595 is a complete instrumentation amplifier and thermocouple cold junction compensator on a mo..

AD633 IC - Analog Multiplier IC

The AD633 is a functionally complete, four-quadrant, analog multiplier. It includes high impedance, ..

AD654 IC - Voltage to Frequency Converter IC

The AD654 is a monolithic V/F converter consisting of an input amplifier, a precision oscillator sys..

Rs.379.00 Rs.410.00
AD694 IC - 4-20mA Monolithic Current Transmitter IC

The AD694 is a monolithic current transmitter that accepts high level signal inputs to drive a stand..

Rs.525.00 Rs.570.00
AD736 IC - True RMS to DC Converter IC

The AD736 is a low power, precision, monolithic true rms-todc converter. It is laser trimmed to prov..

Rs.372.00 Rs.430.00
AD737 IC - RMS to DC Converter IC

The AD737 is a low power, precision, monolithic, true rms-to-dc converter. It is laser trimmed to pr..

Rs.581.00 Rs.625.00
AD790JN - AD790 IC - Fast Precision Comparator IC

The AD790 is a fast (45 ns), precise voltage comparator, with a number of features that make it exce..

Rs.487.00 Rs.515.00
AG201A IC - Quad SPST Switch IC

The ADG201A are monolithic CMOS devices comprising four independently selectable switches, They are ..

Rs.165.00 Rs.195.00
APR33A3 IC - 11 Minutes Voice Recorder & Playback IC

The APR33A series are powerful audio processor along with high performance audio analog-to-digital c..

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CS5460A-BS IC - (SMD SSOP-24 Package) -  Single Phase Bi-Directional Power/Energy IC

The CS5460A is a highly integrated power measurement solution which combines two Analog-to-digital C..

Rs.63.00 Rs.75.00
DG408D IC - Improved, 8-Channel/Dual 4-Channel, CMOS Analog Multiplexer IC

The DG408 analog multiplexers now feature guaranteed matching between channels (8Ω max) and flatness..

Rs.160.00 Rs.180.00
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