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Other Sensors

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360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module

Description:-A 360 Degree Rotary Encoder is a Bread Board Friendly extremely precise module tha..

Rs.94.40 Ex Tax: Rs.80.00
37 In 1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino - Raspberry

37 In 1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino - Raspberry..

Rs.1,886.82 Ex Tax: Rs.1,599.00
AMS1117 - 3.3V - Step Down Voltage Regulator Module

AMS1117 - 3.3V - Step Down Voltage Regulator Module..

Rs.147.50 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00
Bump Sensor - Limit Switch

Bump Sensor - Limit Switch..

Rs.25.96 Rs.41.30 Ex Tax: Rs.22.00
Bump Sensor - Limit Switch with Roller Lever

Bump Sensor - Limit Switch with Roller Lever..

Rs.41.30 Rs.55.46 Ex Tax: Rs.35.00
Fire/Flame Sensor Module (1 metre Range)

Fire/Flame Sensor ( 1 metre Range)..

Rs.147.50 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00
GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor Module

Description:-GP2Y1010AU0F Module is used to Sense Dust Particles in air and also called as an o..

Rs.501.50 Ex Tax: Rs.425.00
L14F1 Phototransistor

L14F1 Phototransistor..

Rs.75.52 Rs.100.30 Ex Tax: Rs.64.00
L14G2 Phototransistor

L14G2 Phototransistor..

Rs.62.54 Rs.88.50 Ex Tax: Rs.53.00
Metal Detector Sensor

Metal Detector Sensor..

Rs.519.20 Rs.572.30 Ex Tax: Rs.440.00
OV7670 Camera Module

Description:-OV7670 Camera Module is a precise small size, high sensitive and low voltage CMOS ..

Rs.289.10 Ex Tax: Rs.245.00
Slotted Opto Isolator Module - MOC-7811

Slotted Opto Isolator Module - MOC-7811..

Rs.53.10 Rs.76.70 Ex Tax: Rs.45.00
SW520D Mercury Tilt Switch Sensor Module

Mercury Tilt Switch Sensor ModuleSpecifications and Features:-On-board LM393 voltage comparator chip..

Rs.206.50 Ex Tax: Rs.175.00
UV (Ultravoilet) Ray Detection Sensor Module - UVM30A

Description:-Ultravoilet Sensor is a precise and smallest sensor for detecting intensity of inc..

Rs.1,162.30 Ex Tax: Rs.985.00
Vibration Sensor Module

Vibration Sensor Module..

Rs.182.90 Rs.230.10 Ex Tax: Rs.155.00
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