Water Flow & Rain-Drop Sensor

Water Flow & Rain-Drop Sensor

Water Flow & Rain-Drop Sensor

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Rain Drop Sensor

Features: • Operating voltage: 5V• Provide both digital and analog output• Adjustable sensitivi..

Rs.120.00 Rs.190.00

Submersible Mini Water Pump - 3-6V DC

Micro DC 3-6V Micro Submersible Pump Mini water pump For Fountain Garden Mini water circulation Syst..


Water Float Switch Type - 1 (Water Level Sensor)

Float Sensor is an electrical ON/OFF Switch, which operates automatically when liquid level goes up ..


Water Float Switch Type - 2 (Water Level Sensor)

A float sensor or a float switch is a sensor used to detect the level of liquid (water) in a tank. N..


Water Flow Sensor

Water flow sensor is mainly consists of plastic valve body, rotor assembly and Hall Effect Current S..

Rs.285.00 Rs.395.00

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