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74 Series IC

74 Series IC

74 Series IC

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74F109 Positive J-K Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops IC (74109) DIP-16 Package

The 74F109 is a dual positive edge-triggered JK-type flip-flop featuring individual J, K, clock, set..

74F113 Dual JK Negative Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop IC (74113) DIP-16 Package

The  74F113  offers  individual  J,  K,  Set  and  Clock&nbs..

74F138 1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer IC (74138) DIP-16 Package

The 74F138 decoder accepts three binary weighted inputs (A0, A1, A2) and when enabled, provides eigh..

74F164 8-Bit Serial-in Parallel-Out Shift Register IC (74164) DIP-14 Package

The 74F164 is an 8-bit edge-triggered shift register with serial data entry and an output from each ..

74F182 Carry Lookahead Generator IC (74182) DIP-16 Package

The 74F182 is a high-speed carry lookahead generator. It is  generally  used  with&nb..

74F194 4-Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register IC (74194) DIP-16 Package

The functional characteristics of the 74F194 4-Bit Bidirectional Shift Register are indicated in the..

74F240 Octal Buffers/Line Drivers with 3-State Outputs IC (74240) DIP-20 Package

The 74F240 are octal buffers and line drivers designed to be employed as memory and address drivers,..

74F244 Octal Buffers/Line Drivers with 3-State Outputs IC (74244) DIP-20 Package

The 74F244 is an octal buffer that is ideal for driving bus lines of buffer memory address registers..

74F251 8-Inputs Multiplexer with 3-State Outputs IC (74251) DIP-16 Package

The 74F251 is a high-speed 8-input digital multiplexer. It provides, in one package, the ability to ..

74F280 9-Bit Parity Generator/Checker IC (74280) DIP-14 Package

The  F280  is  a  high-speed  parity  generator/checker  that acc..

74F393 Dual 4-Bit Binary Ripple Counter IC (74393) DIP-14 Package

The 74F393 is a Dual Ripple Counter with separate Clock (CPn) and Master Reset (MR) inputs to each c..

74F521 8-Bit Identity Comparator IC (74521) DIP-20 Package

The 74F521 is an expandable 8-bit comparator. It compares two words of up to eight bits each and pro..

74F533 Octal Transparent Latch with 3-State Outputs IC (74533) DIP-20 Package

The 74F533 consists of eight latches with 3-STATE outputs for   bus   organized&..

74F541 Octal Buffer/Line Driver with 3-State Outputs IC (74541) DIP-20 Package

The 74F541 except that the inputs and outputs are on opposite sides of the package (see Connection D..

74F574 Octal Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flop with 3-State Outputs IC (74574) DIP-20 Package

This 8-bit flip-flop features 3-state outputs designed specifically for driving highly capacitive or..

74F64 4-2-3-2-Input AND-OR-Invert Gate IC (7464) DIP-14 Package

This device contains gates configured to perform a 4-2-3-2input AND-OR-INVERT function.Specification..

74F640 Octal Bus Transceiver Inverting (3-State) IC (74640) DIP-20 Package

The 74F640 is an octal transceiver featuring inverting 3-State bus compatible outputs in both transm..

74F74 Dual D-Type Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop IC (7474) DIP-14 Package

The F74 is a dual D-type flip-flop with Direct Clear and Set inputs  and  complementary&nb..

74HC109 Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops IC (74109) DIP-16 Package

74HC109 Dual J-K Positive-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop IC – DIP-16 Package The 74HC109 is a dual positiv..

74HC137 3-to-8 line Decoder/Demultiplexer IC (74138 IC) DIP-16 Package

The 74HC137 decoder utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology and is well suited to memory addr..

74HC158 Quad 2-Input Multiplexer IC (74158 IC) DIP-16 Package

74HC158 is a 16 Pin Quad 2-Input Multiplexer IC having 2V to 6V Operating Voltage range with 1uA Low..

74HC161 4-Bit Presettable Synchronous Binary Counter IC (74161) DIP-16 Package

The 74HC161 is a synchronous presettable binary counter with an internal look-head carry. Synchronou..

74HC163 Presettable synchronous Binary counter IC (74163) DIP-16 Package

The 74HC163; 74HCT163 is a synchronous presettable binary counter with an internal look-head ca..

74HC194 4-Bit Bi-directional Shift Register IC (74194 IC) DIP-16 Package

The 74HC194/74HCT194 is a 4-bit bidirectional universal shift register. The synchronous operation of..

74HC20 Dual 4-input NAND Gate IC (7420 IC) DIP-14 Package

The 74HC20 is a 14 Pin Quad 4-Input NAND Gate IC. This device contains four independent gates each o..

Showing 1 to 25 of 170 (7 Pages)