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Force Sensors

Force Sensors

Force Sensors

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FlexiForce A201-25 Force Sensor

This is a piezoresistive force sensor from Tekscan. The harder you press, the lower the sensors resi..

FlexiForce A201/1 Flex Sensor

The FlexiForce A201/1 flex sensor is an ultra-thin and flexible printed circuit, which can be easily..

FlexiForce A301-25 Force Sensor

FlexiForce A301-25 Force Sensor is optimized for high volume manufacturing and ideal for embedding i..

FlexiForce A301/1 Force Sensor

The A301 is optimized for high volume manufacturing and ideal for embedding into products and applic..

FlexiForce A401 Force Sensor

The A401 has a 2-pin connector. This is our standard sensor with the largest sensing area:25.4 mm (1..

FlexiForce A502 Ultra Thin Force Sensor

A502 sensors are square standard sensors with a 2-pin male connector. They have a force range of 0-2..

FlexiForce FlexiPot Ring Position Sensor

FlexiPot Ring sensors have a circular shape, a 3-pin male connector, and are designed for use with y..

FlexiForce FlexiPot Strip Position Sensor

FlexiPot Strip sensors are low-powered force-sensing linear potentiometers with a rectangular shape ..

FlexiForce HT201 Force Sensor

The FlexiForce HT201 is an enhanced thin and flexible piezoresistive force sensor ideal for high-tem..

Force Sensor 5.08mm Circle

This is a small force sensitive resistor. It has a 0.16 (4 mm) diameter active sensing area. This FS..

Force Sensor - 0.5" Force Sensitive Resistor

Get the high-quality Force pressure sensor 0.5-inch diameter at a low price. This is a force sensiti..

Force Sensor - 39.1mm

Description:-This is a Force sensitive resistor with a square, 1.75x1.5",sensing area. This FSR ..

Showing 1 to 14 of 14 (1 Pages)