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Development Board

Development Board

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8051 Development Board

Introduction:In this Board, You can use any 40 pin 8051 microcontroller for interfacing and developi..

Rs.1,044.30 Rs.1,239.00 Ex Tax: Rs.885.00

Arm 2148 Daughter Board for LPC2148 Development Board

Arm 2148 Daughter Board for LPC2148 Development Board..

Rs.796.50 Rs.855.50 Ex Tax: Rs.675.00

ARM7 LPC 2148 Development Board

Features:Microcontroller: LPC2148 with 512K on chip memoryCrystal for LPC2148: 12MhzCrystal for RTC:..

Rs.2,773.00 Rs.3,127.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,350.00

ATtiny85 USB Development Board

ATtiny85 USB Development Board..

Rs.289.10 Rs.336.30 Ex Tax: Rs.245.00

LoRa ESP32 OLED Display Bluetooth WIFI IOT Development Board for Arduino

LoRa ESP32 WIFI IOT Kit series is the new development of the cost-effective networking program, the ..

Rs.2,183.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,850.00

PIC Development Board -Serial

PIC Development Board - Serail..

Rs.885.00 Rs.922.76 Ex Tax: Rs.750.00

Wemos D1 Mini - IOT ESP8266 Based Development Board

This is Wemos D1 Mini WIFI Internet Of Things Development Board Based ESP8266, it is a mini WIFI boa..

Rs.383.50 Ex Tax: Rs.325.00

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