Distance Sensors

Distance Sensors

Distance Sensors

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Mounting Bracket for Ultrasonic Sensor Module - HC-SR04

Mounting Bracket for Ultrasonic Sensor Module - HC-SR04Features:Thickness :2.8mm – 3.1mmInner d..


Sharp Distance Sensor Module - 2Y0A02

Sharp Distance Sensor Module - 2Y0A02 ..

Rs.915.00 Rs.979.00

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module - HC-SR04

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor provides very short (2CM) to long-range (4M) detection and ranging. The s..


Ultrasonic Transmitter & Receiver Pair - 40Khz Transducer

Pair of Ultrasonic compact Transmitter & Receiver sensor which can be used to build object senso..


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