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HOT LTC3780 DC-DC 5V-32V to 1V-30V 10A Automatic Stepdown Regulator is a high-efficiency Automatic voltage regulator. Whatever is the input voltage value, the output voltage can be maintained constant. For example, set the output to 12V, then the variation of the input voltage can be in the range of 5-32V, the output voltage will be maintained at 12V.

This module has a perfect protection function and can be widely used in notebook power, vehicle power supply, solar charge, etc.

Advantages: The input uses replaceable fuse to protect power supply and equipment; The whole electrolysis use patch, low resistance, high-frequency capacitor, to make the ripple down to the freezing point; Constant voltage, constant current, under-voltage protection (MPPT is more suitable for solar charging) The output has error indicating lamp, it will light when the output voltage drifts too serious, short circuit and another fault; Inductor use iron silicon aluminium, 0.8 double winding, generate less heat. The far-right one (close to output) is for Under voltage protection (VV) and it is mostly used for Solar Charging.

The device can monitor a DC-DC output voltage and quickly disconnect the power source from the DC-DC input load when an overvoltage condition occurs. A power-OK output signals when the DC-DC input voltage falls below an adjustable threshold. Centre one is for Constant Current ( CC). A constant current is that does not change its intensity with time. The left one (near input terminal) is for Constant Voltage ( CV )Keep the output voltage constant

Features and Specification:

  1. Input voltage: DC5-32V;
  2. Output voltage: DC1V-30V continuously adjustable; the default 12V shipment
  3. Output current: 10A (MAX) ,long term within 8A
  4. Output power: 80W, peak 130W, more than 80W please strengthen heat dissipation
  5. Output ripple: 50mV (12V turn to 12V, 5A measured), Short circuit protection:YES Input reverse connection protection: No Output prevent reverse connection protection: No Operating temperature range: -45 ~ +85 Size: 77.6*46.5*15mm
  6. Model DC011-LTC3780
  7. Supply Voltage DC 5V-32V
  8. Output Voltage DC 1V-30V
  9. Dimension 7.8 x 4.6 x 1.5 cm

Package Includes:

1 x HOT LTC3780 DC-DC 5V-32V to 1V-30V 10A Automatic Step-Down Regulator

Brand/Manufacturer Generic
Country Of Origin China
Packer / Importer Address Constflick Technologies Limited, Building No 13 and 14, 3rd Floor, 2nd Main, Siddaiah Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560027 India.
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HOT LTC3780 DC-DC 5V-32V to 1V-30V 10A Automatic Step-Down Regulator

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