• AM26LV31 IC - (SMD Package) - Low-Voltage High-Speed Quadruple Differential Line Driver IC
The AM26LV31 is BiCMOS quadruple differential line driver with 3-state outputs. They are designed to be similar to TIA/EIA-422-B and ITU Recommendation V.11 drivers with reduced supply-voltage range. The devices are optimized for balanced-bus transmission at switching rates up to 32 MHz. The outputs have very high current capability for driving balanced lines such as twisted-pair transmission lines and provide a high impedance in the power-off condition. The enable function is common to all four drivers and offers the choice of active-high or activelow enable inputs. The AM26LV31 is designed using Texas Instruments proprietary LinIMPACT-C60™ technology, facilitating ultra-low power consumption without sacrificing speed. These devices offer optimum performance when used with the AM26LV32 quadruple line receivers.

Features and Specifications of AM26LV31 IC:-
• Switching Rates up to 32 MHz
• Operate From a Single 3.3-V Supply
• Propagation Delay Time: 8 ns Typical
• Pulse Skew Time: 500 ps Typical
• High Output-Drive Current: ±30 mA
• Controlled Rise and Fall Times: 3 ns Typical
• Differential Output Voltage With 100-Ω
- Load: 1.5 V Typical
• Ultra-Low Power Dissipation
– dc, 0.3 mW Maximum
– 32 MHz All Channels (No Load), 385 mWTypical
• Accept 5-V Logic Inputs With 3.3-V Supply
• Low-Voltage Pin-to-Pin Compatible Replacement for AM26C31, AM26LS31, MB571
• High Output Impedance in Power-Off Condition
• Driver Output Short-Protection Circuit
• Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (D,NS) Packages

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AM26LV31 IC - (SMD Package) - Low-Voltage High-Speed Quadruple Differential Line Driver IC

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