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The Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 brings Arduinos ease of use to the work with the most powerful reprogrammable chips that exist: FPGAs. With Vidor, you can create a board where all pins are PWM signals controlling the speed of motors. You can capture sound in real-time and make a sound effect pedal for your guitar. It is possible to create a real-time computer reading sensor information and sending it to a state-of-the-art monitor or capture video and overlay sensor information on the image that will then later be sent over to a screen. You can connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud and control a complex laboratory machine running a large number of motors. You could even prototype your own processors inside the FPGA and have them work in parallel to the other microcontroller on the board. Vidor is a device that invites experimentation, precision, and high-speed computation.

The board comes with 8 MB of SRAM to support the FPGA operations on video and audio. The FPGA code is stored in a 2 MB QSPI Flash chip, of which 1 MB is allocated for user applications. It is possible to perform high-speed DSP operations for audio and video processing. Therefore, the Vidor includes a Micro HDMI connector for audio and video output and a MIPI camera connector for video input. All of the boards pins are driven both by SAMD21 and FPGA while respecting the MKR family format.


  1. All pins are PWM pins
  2. MIPI camera connector
  3. Mini PCI Express port with programmable pins
  4. Full-Speed USB Device and embedded Host

FPGA Block Specifications:

  1. FPGA: Intel Cyclone 10CL016
  2. PCI: Mini PCI Express port with programmable pins
  3. Camera Connector: MIPI camera connector
  4. Circuit Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  5. Digital I/O Pins: 22 headers + 25 Mini PCI Express
  6. PWM Pins: All Pins
  7. UART: Up to 7 (depends on FPGA configuration)
  8. SPI: Up to 7 (depends on FPGA configuration)
  9. I2C: Up to 7 (depends on FPGA configuration)
  10. Analog Input Pins: n/a
  11. Analog Output Pins: n/a
  12. External Interrupts: n/a
  13. DC Current per I/O Pin:4 or 8 mA
  14. Flash Memory:2 MB
  15. SDRAM: 8 MB
  16. EEPROM: n/a
  17. Clock Speed:48 MHz up to 200 MHz
  18. Video Output: Micro HDMI

Package Includes:

1 x Arduino MKR Vidor 4000

Specifications :-

Microcontroller Chip

SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU

Operating Voltage (VDC)


Input Voltage(Recommended)

5 V

Analog I/O Pins

Input Pins:7
Output Pins:1

Digital I/O Pins


PWM Digital I/O Pins


Clock Speed

32.768 kHz (RTC), 48 MHz

Flash Memory

256 KB (internal)


32 KB

DC Current per I/O Pin (mA)                        


Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)


Weight (gm)


Brand/Manufacturer Generic
Country Of Origin China
Packer / Importer Address Constflick Technologies Limited, Building No 13 and 14, 3rd Floor, 2nd Main, Siddaiah Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560027 India.
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Arduino MKR Vidor 4000

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