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  • CA3161 IC + CA3162 IC Pair A/D Converter for 3 Digit Display DIP-16 Package

The CA3161 is a monolithic integrated circuit that performs the BCD to seven segment decoding function and features constant current segment drivers. When used with the CA3162 A/D Converter the CA3161 provides a complete digital readout system with a minimum number of external parts. 

The CA3162 and CA3162 are I2L monolithic A/D converters that provide a 3 digit multiplexed BCD output. They are used with the CA3161 BCD-to-Seven-Segment Decoder/Driver and a minimum of external parts to implement a complete 3-digit display. The CA3162 is identical to the CA3162 except for an extended operating temperature range

Features of CA3161 IC:-

• TTL Compatible Input Logic Levels 

• 25mA (Typ) Constant Current Segment Outputs 

• Eliminates Need for Output Current Limiting Resistors 

• Pin Compatible with Other Industry Standard Decoders 

• Low Standby Power Dissipation . . . . . . . .18mW (Typ) 

Features of CA3162 IC:-

• Dual Slope A/D Conversion 

• Multiplexed BCD Display 

• Ultra Stable Internal Band Gap Voltage Reference 

• Capable of Reading 99mV Below Ground with Single Supply 

• Differential Input 

• Internal Timing - No External Clock Required 

• Choice of Low Speed (4Hz) or High Speed (96Hz) Conversion Rate 

• “Hold” Inhibits Conversion but Maintains Delay 

• Over range Indication - “EEE” for Reading Greater than +999mV, “-” for Reading More Negative than -99mV When Used With CA3161 

Specification of CA3161 IC:-

Parameters Specification
Input Voltage +5.5 V
Output Voltage Output “Off” +7 V

Output “On” +10 V

Specification of CA3162 IC:-

Parameters Specification
Input Voltage +15 V
Temperature Range 0 to 75

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CA3161 IC + CA3162 IC Pair A/D Converter for 3 Digit Display DIP-16 Package

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