• MAX488 RS-485/RS-422 Line Driver/Receiver IC DIP-8 Package

The MAX488 has reduced slew-rate drivers that minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables, thus allowing error-free data transmission up to 250kbps. Drivers are short-circuit current limited and are protected against excessive power dissipation by thermal shutdown circuitry that places the driver outputs into a high-impedance state. The receiver input has a fail-safe feature that guarantees a logic-high output if the input is open circuit. Full-duplex communications are obtained using the MAX488.


  • Low-Power RS-485 Transceivers 
  • Low-Power RS-422 Transceivers 
  • Level Translators 
  • Transceivers for EMI-Sensitive Applications 
  • Industrial-Control Local Area Networks


Parameter Value
Part Number MAX488
Half/Full Duplex Full
Data Rate (Mbps) 0.25
Slew-Rate Limited Yes
Lowpower Shutdown No
Receiver/ Driver Enable No
Number Of Receivers On Bus 32
Pin Count 8

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MAX488 RS-485/RS-422 Line Driver/Receiver IC DIP-8 Package

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