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  • APR33A3 IC - 11 Minutes Voice Recorder & Playback IC

The APR33A series are powerful audio processor along with high performance audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). The APR33A series are a fully integrated solution offering high performance and unparalleled integration with analog input, digital processing and analog output functionality. The aPR33A incorporates all the functionality required to perform demanding audio/voice applications. High quality audio/voice systems with lower bill-of-material costs can be implemented with the APR33A series because of its integrated analog data converters and full suite of quality-enhancing features such as sample-rate convertor. The APR33A series E2.1 is specially designed for simple key trigger, user can record & play the message averagely for 1, 2, 4 or 8 voice message(s) by switch and be adjusted the sample rate by using different values of resistors to meet your requirement. It is suitable in simple interface or need to limit the length of single message, e.g. toys, leave messages system, answering machine etc. Meanwhile, this mode provides the power-management system. Users can let the chip enter power-down mode when unused. It can effectively reduce electric current consuming to 15uA and increase the using time in any projects powered by batteries. 


Operating Voltage Range: 3V ~ 6.5V 

Single Chip, High Quality Audio/Voice Recording & Playback Solution 

User Friendly, Easy to Use Operation 

340-680 sec duration. Voice Recording Length in APR33A3 

Powerful 16-Bits Digital Audio Processor

  Nonvolatile Flash Memory Technology  

External Reset pin

Powerful Power Management Unit 

Built-in Audio-Recording Microphone Amplifier 

Configurable analog interface 

High Quality Analog to Digital, DAC and PWM module

Simple And Direct User Interface 

Averagely 1,2,4 or 8 voice messages record & playback


Symbol Parameters Min Type Max Units
VDD  Operating Voltage 3
6.5 V
ISB  Standby Current

1 µA 
IPDN  Power-Down Current 
15 20 µA 
IOP(IDLE) Operating Current (Idle) 
IOP(REC) Operating Current (Record) 
IOP(PLAY) Operating Current (Playback) 
VIH  "H" Input Voltage  2.5

VIL  "L" Input Voltage 

0.6 V

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APR33A3 IC - 11 Minutes Voice Recorder & Playback IC

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