• PIC16C83A Microcontroller

The PIC16C83A is 8-Bit CMOS EEPROM Microcontrollers Transceiver. PIC16C83A microcontrollers typically achieve a 2:1 code compression and up to a 2:1 speed improvement (at 10 MHz) over other 8-bit microcontrollers in their class. The PIC16C83A has up to 68 bytes of RAM, 64 bytes of Data EEPROM memory, and 13 I/O pins. A timer/counter is also available. 

The PIC16C83A fits perfectly in applications ranging from high speed automotive and appliance motor control to low-power remote sensors, electronic locks, security devices and smart cards. The EEPROM technology makes customization of application programs (transmitter codes, motor speeds, receiver frequencies, security codes, etc.) extremely fast and convenient. The small footprint packages make this microcontroller series perfect for all applications with space limitations. Low-cost, low-power, high performance, ease of use and I/O flexibility make the PIC16C83A very versatile even in areas where no microcontroller use has been considered before (e.g., timer functions, serial communication, capture and compare, PWM functions and co-processor applications). 


 13 I/O pins with individual direction control 

• High current sink/source for direct LED drive 

   - 25 mA sink max. per pin 

   - 20 mA source max. per pin 

• TMR0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit programmable prescaler


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PIC16C83A Microcontroller

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