• Desoldering Wick

Desoldering wick is composed of copper threads braided together.

Desoldering Wick is effective for Faster & Cleaner Desoldering. Use it with Heated Soldering Iron to remove the soldered joint.

Flux is normally added to help the solder flow from where it is not supposed to be (the jumper) to the wick.

Desolder wick is sometimes called Desolder braid. Yes, you really can solder anything, and solder wick is a large part of the process.

Features and Specifications:-

  • Length: 1 meter
  • Material: 100% Copper
  • Thickness: Comfortable for Desoldering
  • RMA Coated Wick
  • Useful for Faster and Cleaner electronics Desoldering work

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Desoldering Wick

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