• 25TTS12 - 1200V - 25A SCR - Thyristor

The 25TTS12 High Voltage Series of silicon controlled rectifiers are specifically designed for medium power switching and phase control applications. The glass passivation technology used has reliable operation up to 125 °C junction temperature. This product has been designed and qualified for industrial level. 


Symbol Parameter Values Units
Type Max
IT(AV) Maximum average on-state current  16 A
 IRMS  Maximum RMS on-state current 25
ITSM Maximum peak, one-cycle,
 non-repetitive surge current

10 ms sine pulse, rated VRRM applied 300
 I2t Maximum I2t for fusing

10 ms sine pulse, rated VRRM applied 450
 I2√t Maximum I2√t for fusing 6300 A2√s
 VTM Maximum on-state voltage drop 1.25 V
rt On-state slope resistance 12
 VT(TO) Threshold voltage 1 V
 IRM/IDM Maximum reverse and direct leakage current
m A
TJ = 25 °C 0.5
TJ = 125 °C 10
 IH Holding current
 IL Maximum latching current 200
dV/dt Maximum rate of rise of off-state voltage 500 V/µs
 dI/dt Maximum rate of rise of turned-on current 150 A/µs

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25TTS12 - 1200V - 25A SCR - Thyristor

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