• 2P4M - 400V - 2A SCR - Thyristor

The 2P4M to 2P6M are P-gate all diffused plastic molded type SCR granted average on-state current 2 Amps (Tc 77 with rated voltages up to 600 volts. 


• Easy installation by its miniature size and thin electrode leads

• Less holding Current distribution provides free application design

Low cost because Of mass-production. 


Electric blanket, Electronic jar, Various temperature con

  Electric sewing machine, Speed control Of miniature type motor 

Light display equipment, Lamp dimmer such as a display for entertainment 

  Automatic gas lighter, Battery charger

  Solid State static switches etc. 


Symbol Parameter Ratings Units
VRSM Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 500 V
VDSM Non-Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage 500 V
VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 400 V
VDRM Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage 400 V
IT(AV) On-state Current 2(Tc=77 °C Single Phase (1/2 wave) A
ITSM Surge Non-Repetitive On-state Current 20 A
PGM Peak Gate Power Dissipation 0.5 (f ≥ 50 Hz, Duty≤ 10%) W
PG(IAV) Average Gate Power Dissipation 0.1 W
IFGM Peak Gate Forward Current 0.2 (f ≥ 50 Hz, Duty≤ 10%) A
VRGM Peak Gate Reverse Voltage 6 V
Tj Junction Temperature -40 to 125  °C
Tstg Storage Temperature -50 to 150  °C

Weight 1.4 g

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2P4M - 400V - 2A SCR - Thyristor

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