• 40TPS12A SCR - 1200V - 35A Phase Control SCR - Thyristor


40TPS12A SCR Thyristor with 1200V and 1.85V Peak On-State Voltage, Repetitive Peak Reverse is Bipolar Transistor with a P-N Hook-Collector that has a number of unusual characteristics. It has three terminals-Anode, cathode and gate reflecting thermionic valve/vacuum tube technology. They are Widely Used for controlling or switching power and often high voltage AC or DC circuits, AC power control(including lights, motors,etc), Overvoltage protection crowbar for power supplies, AC power switching.


• SCR Thyristors are Current Operated Devices, a Small Gate Current Controls a Larger Anode Current.

• Thyristors are High Speed Switches that Can be Used to Replace Electromechanical Relays in Many Circuits.

• Thyristor is a Four Layer (P-N-P-N) Semiconductor Device that Contains Three PN Junctions in Series.

• Easy Installation By Its Miniature Size and Thin Electrode Leads, Low Cost.

40TPS12A Specifications:-

  • Type: SCR
  • Size: 15.87mm Length, 5.31mm Width, 20.7mm Height
  • Material: Plastic Molded
  • Voltage Rating: 1200V Repetitive Peak Reverse
  • Current Rating: 35A
  • Temperature Rating: -40 to 150 Deg C
  • No. of Pins: 3 Pins
  • Mounting: Through Hole


40TPS12A Datasheet 

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40TPS12A SCR - 1200V - 35A Phase Control SCR - Thyristor

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