• C106MG - 600V - 4A SCR - Thyristor

 The C106MG is a Glassivated PNPN devices designed for high volume consumer applications such as temperature, light, and speed control; process and remote control, and warning systems where reliability Of operation;e important. 


 Power Rated at Economical Prices 

• Practical Level Triggering and Holding Characteristics

• Flat, Rugged, Thermo pad Construction High Heat Dissipation and Sensitive Gate Triggering 

• These are Pb—Free Device' 

 Glassivated Surface for Reliability and Uniformity 


Symbol Parameter Ratings Units
VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 600 V
VDRM Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage 600 V
IT(AV) Average on-state current 2.25 A
IT(RMS) Effective on-state current 4 A
ITSM Non-Repetitive Peak On-state Current 20 A
PGM Peak Gate Power Dissipation 0.5 W
Tj Junction Temperature -40 to 110  °C
Tstg Storage Temperature -40 to 150  °C

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C106MG - 600V - 4A SCR - Thyristor

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