BU205 is a device used to perform solely on specified inputs, to switch the forces of electrons. The unique design of this transistor includes individual electrons bouncing from wedge-shaped obstacles called deflectors. It is used in horizontal deflection output stages for color TV receives.


• Low saturation voltage

• Simple drive requirements

• High safe operating area

• For low distortion complementary designs

• Easy to carry and handle

Detailed Specifications:-

Collector−Emitter Voltage (VCEO) 700V
Collector−Base Voltage (VCBO) 600V
Continuous Collector Current (Ic) 2.5A
Continuous Base Current (Ib) 2.5A
Operating Temperature Range -65 - 115°C
Power Dissipation (Pd) 10W
DC Current Gain (hFE) 2
Transition Frequency (fT) 3MHz
Fall Time  0.75 µs

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Brand/Manufacturer Generic
Country Of Origin China
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BU205 NPN Power Transistor 700V 2.5A TO-3 Metal Package

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