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CC2500 - 2.4GHz Transreceiver Module

CC2500 - 2.4GHz Transreceiver Module..

Rs.374.53 Rs.480.03 Ex Tax: Rs.355.00

NRF24L01 - 2.4GHz  RF Wireless Module with PA and LNA Circuit

NRF24L01 - 2.4GHz RF Wireless Module  with Power Amplifier  and Low Noise Amplifier Circui..

Rs.363.98 Rs.416.73 Ex Tax: Rs.345.00

NRF24L01 - 2.4GHz - RF Transceiver Module

NRF24L01 - 2.4GHz - RF Transceiver Module ..

Rs.195.18 Rs.242.65 Ex Tax: Rs.185.00

RF Encoder - Decoder Module Board

RF Encoder - Decoder Module Board..

Rs.158.25 Rs.189.90 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

RF Transmitter & Receiver - 433MHz

RF Transmitter & Receiver - 433MHz..

Rs.237.38 Rs.374.53 Ex Tax: Rs.225.00

RFID 13.56MHZ RC522 Reader/Writer Module

RFID 13.56MHZ RC522 Reader/Writer Module..

Rs.448.38 Rs.511.68 Ex Tax: Rs.425.00

RFID Card 125kHz

RFID Card 125kHz..

Rs.26.38 Rs.42.20 Ex Tax: Rs.25.00

RFID Reader 125KHz - Serial and TTL output

RFID Reader 125KHz - Serial and TTL output..

Rs.564.43 Rs.791.25 Ex Tax: Rs.535.00

RFID Reader 125KHz - USB output

RFID Reader 125KHz - USB output..

Rs.749.05 Rs.1,002.25 Ex Tax: Rs.710.00

RFID Reader Module 125 KHz - EM-18

RFID Reader Module 125 KHz - EM-18..

Rs.538.05 Rs.622.45 Ex Tax: Rs.510.00

RFID Tag Key Chain

RFID Tag Key Chain Frequency -125 KHz..

Rs.40.09 Rs.58.03 Ex Tax: Rs.38.00

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