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Small but mighty, the Panasonic CR1620 Lithium Coin Cell is a perfect replacement battery for a wide range of devices. Featuring a powerful Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry, this impressive battery produces 3 Volts of power and holds a sizable 75 mAh charge, providing all the power needed to run your small high-performance electronics. The CR1620 also features an incredibly low self-discharge rate, giving it a shelf life of 10 years and allowing it to kept around the house until it's needed.

Specifications of Panasonic CR1620 Lithium Coin Cell Battery :-

  • Brand:                                     Panasonic
  • Type:                                       Coin Cell
  • Model:                                     CR1620
  • Chemical System:                     Li / MnO2
  • Nominal Voltage:                      3V
  • Rated Capacity:                        75 mAh
  • Average Weight:                       1.3 g 
  • Temperature Range:                 -30 - +60 °C
  • Diameter:                                16 mm
  • Height:                                    2 mm

Features of Panasonic CR1620 Lithium Coin Cell Battery:-

  • No mercury added
  • High voltage (3V)
  • Can be used in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to +60°C)
  • Self-discharge is very low; long shelf life of up to 10 years
  • A full line up for use in a wide variety of applications

Ultra-compact power

A single lithium battery can replace two, three or more conventional batteries. Even very small devices can now be provided with a powerful source of energy. That's because the lithium coin CR1620 battery has such a high voltage: 3V. A lot of power in an ultra-compact design!


For appliances where conventional batteries cannot be used, LITHIUM COIN CR1620 has a proven track record. The batteries can be used in calculators, digital watches, laser pens, car keys, fitness appliances, memory back-up and medical devices like a clinical thermometer and a tensiometer.

Super low self-discharge

Because they are chemically very stable, the Panasonic lithium coin CR1620 batteries still have 90% of their original capacity, even after 10 years. The chemical stability is due to the combination of lithium and manganese dioxide. Long-term discharge has been verified at all operating temperatures under low-load discharge conditions.

High safety and reliability

The various safety and performance characteristics of the Lithium Coin CR1620 have been repeatedly tested by Panasonic. Also, the effects of environmental factors such as temperature have been checked. We have accumulated a wealth of corroborative data on the performance of our batteries that cannot be pinpointed by short-term accelerated tests. The result of these tests? The Panasonic batteries have won approval under the UL safety standards in the United States and wide recognition throughout the world for their high reliability and safety.

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Panasonic CR1620 3V 75mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery

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