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This cleaning filament from eSUN is a thermoplastic purging compound safe for use in all 3D printers! Purge your extruder and remove residual material to maintain your 3D printer. The cleaning filament is especially useful when changing from a high-temperature filament (Like Nylon, Polycarbonate etc.) to a low-temperature filament (Like PLA) or changing from a dark color filament to a light color filament.

It is also very useful to purge the extruder after using composite materials (Like Wood) to remove any remaining particles. It is also good practice to use the cleaning filament before and after printing sessions so that when your printer is turned off and cooled down, no residual material hardens inside. Cleaning filament is NOT designed to create any 3D objects, it is only designed to be used as a maintenance tool for your 3D printer.

The cleaning filament comes in100-gram coils, but all you need is about a 100mm to 200mmpiece each time. So each coil will last you for approximately150 to 300 uses!

Can be used to clean between150C to 320Cwhich means that you can purge the extruder from any filament/material type that falls within that temperature range.

Cleaning Filament Instructions:
  1. Set your hot-end to the temperature you used for the last filament printed with.
  2. Unload any remaining filament from your extruder.
  3. Insert a short piece (100mm-200mm) of cleaning filament and extrude the full amount.
  4. Set your hot-end to the required temperature for the new material you are going to print with and proceed as normal.


  1. Excellent heat stability, Wide cleaning temperature range cleaning rods extrude normally at the temperature range of 150-260when testing.
  2. With slight viscosity and enable it to take residual material out of the nozzle and no jamming in the nozzle
  3. Not easy to degradation in the heat.
  4. Using cleaning rods can prevent nozzle plugging during the transition between high and low-temperature material.

Package Includes:

1 x eSun 1.75mm Nozzle Cleaning Filament 100g-Natural

Specifications :-





Filament Diameter (mm)


Filament Weight and Length                


Density ( g/cm)


Dimensional Accuracy (mm)

1.70 0.1 mm

Roundness Accuracy (mm)


Melt Point (C)



As Indicated in Images

Brand/Manufacturer Generic
Country Of Origin China
Packer / Importer Address Constflick Technologies Limited, Building No 13 and 14, 3rd Floor, 2nd Main, Siddaiah Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560027 India.
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eSun 1.75mm Nozzle Cleaning Filament 100g-Natural

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