• MQ5 LPG Natural Gas Sensor

MQ5 is a LPG Gas Sensor which ensures optimum safety and security in the industries and domestic sector. These easy to install are highly suitable for detecting the presence of natural gas, LPG, fumes, smoke, town gas and avoid the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smoke.. The sensor in this system is highly reliable and is provided with a simple drive circuit for facilitating easy operations.

Features of MQ5 LPG Gas Sensor:-

  • High sensitivity to LPG, natural gas , town gas
  • Small sensitivity to alcohol, smoke.
  • Fast response . 
  • Stable and long life 
  • Simple drive circuit

Applications MQ5 LPG Gas Sensor:-

  • Gas leak detection system
  • Fire/Safety detection system
  • Gas leak alarm
  • Gas detector

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MQ5 LPG Natural Gas Sensor

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