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AM2305 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a temperature and humidity combined sensor been calibrated digital signal output. The sensor includes a capacitive sensor wet components and a DS18B20 temperature measurement device and connected with a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller. Each AM2305 sensors are an extremely accurate humidity calibration chamber for calibration. Calibration coefficients stored in the form of a program in OTP memory, internal sensor detection signal processing to call these calibration coefficients. The single-wire serial interface, system integration becomes simpler and quicker. Ultra-small size, low power consumption, signal transmission distance up to 20 meters or more, making it the best choice of even the most demanding applications in a variety of applications then, the product leads to three core shielded cables.

Application areas:

  1. Environmental monitoring
  2. Ventilator / respirator
  3. Anesthesia machine
  4. Spraying machine
  5. Medical apparatus and instruments
  6. The automatic control
  7. Experimental apparatus


  1. The product has excellent quality
  2. fast response
  3. anti-interference ability.
  4. Ultra-small size
  5. low power consumption

Package Includes:

1 x AM2305 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Shell Duct Sensor Shell

Specifications :-

Voltage Rating


Measuring Range




Temperature range





Metal screen/capacitance sensor

Sensor Type

AHT10 integration sensor


Digital Sensor, Digital 1 Wire

Humidity Range



15X8X4 cm15X8X4 cm0.1


150 X 80 X 40

Shipment Weight

0.01 kg

Shipment Dimensions

37 20 4 cm

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AM2305 digital temperature and humidity sensor

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