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LDR & Light Sensors

LDR & Light Sensors

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) & Light Sensors

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GY-30 BH1750 - Light Intensity Sensor Module

Description:-BH1750 module is a digital ambient light sensor, IIC I2C communication. Good for arduin..

Rs.265.00 Rs.310.00

LDR - 12mm

LDR - 12mm..

Rs.24.00 Rs.35.00

LDR - 20mm

LDR - 20mm..

Rs.53.50 Rs.71.00

LDR - 5mm

LDR - 5mm..

Rs.6.00 Rs.9.50

LDR - 5mm -  Metal Housing

LDR - 5mm -  Metal Housing..

Rs.38.00 Rs.45.00

LDR - 8mm

LDR - 8mm..

Rs.14.50 Rs.22.00

LDR Sensor Module - Light Sensor

LDR Sensor Module - Light Sensor..

Rs.115.00 Rs.155.00

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