Solar Panels & Cells

Solar Panels & Cells
Growing world requires new renewable ways of power generation which are dependent upon various resources among which Solar energy is an important resource. Solar panels are available means to transform solar energy to electrical energy or directly into thermal energy.

To make access to solar energy you can use solar panels online available on our website, you can order them online and use in various applications. What are you waiting for? Buy solar panel today!

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Solar Cell - 12V 150mA

Solar Cell - 12V 150mA..

Rs.345.00 Rs.410.00
Solar Cell - 2V 150mA

Solar Cell - 2V 150mA..

Solar Cell - 3V 150mA

Solar Cell - 3V 150mA..

Solar Cell - 4V 150mA

Solar Cell - 4V 150mA..

Solar Cell - 6V 150mA

Solar Cell - 6V 150mA..

Solar Panel - 12V/10W

Solar Panel - 12 Volts 10 Watts..

Solar Panel - 12V/12W

Solar Panel - 12 Volts 12 Watts..

Solar Panel - 12V/5W

Solar Panel - 12 Volts 5 Watts..

Solar Panel - 5V/1.3W

Solar Panel - 5 Volts 1.3 Watts..

Rs.180.00 Rs.190.00
Solar Panel - 5V/2W

Solar Panel - 5 Volts 2 Watts..

Solar Panel - 6V/12W

Solar Panel - 6 Volts 12 Watts..

Rs.840.00 Rs.945.00
Solar Panel - 6V/3W

Solar Panel - 6 Volts 3 Watts..

Rs.425.00 Rs.450.00
Solar Panel - 7.5V/1.3W

Solar Panel - 7.5 Volts 1.3 Watts..

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